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Valentyna Churakova

Service Assistent


Area of responsibility

Valentyna Churakova is working as a Service Assistant at advores. She is handling all the hands-on task that are necessary to keep ouroffice going in a smooth way. This includes receiving clients, providing us with lunch and coffee, purchasing office necessities, goingerrands, logistical office task and keeping our office clean and tidy.

It is the intention that Valentyna gets the opportunity to develop her skills to become an office assistant.


Valentyna Churakova is 47 years old and has a degree within trade and bookkeeping.

She is a Ukrainian refugee from Kremenchug. Her company, that was distributing agricultural and food products in the area, had to stop dueto the war in Ukraine.

Her adult son had to stay in the Ukraine, her daughter lives in Poland. Valentyna Churakova came to Copenhagen in March 2022.


Russian, Ukrainian and English (basic)

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